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While most sports don’t have a logical order to their uniform numbering (with the exception of American football), soccer has long had an association between jersey numbers and their role on the field. If that meant parting with a signed Christian Pulisic jersey in order to aid those in need, so be it. While Lionel Messi has continued to dominate the lists, USMNT star Christian Pulisic has also seen his jersey sales rise in his home country. According to the Express, Christian Pulisic and Kai Havertz are set to compete for the number 10 jersey at Chelsea. Fast forward to now and the checkers are the highest-selling jersey of 2020 – much to the chagrin of fans who favor the traditional Blaugrana stripes. With over 40 appearances for BVB, including 10 appearances in the Champions League, Pulisic excited fans with his offensive creativity while providing 5 goals and 12 assists. American soccer fans are extremely patriotic and have been desperate for one of their own to become a sensation at one of the biggest clubs in the world. The biggest change from 2019 to 2020 are fewer U.S.

He could now be in line for a change. By now you know teams traditionally have a home and away jersey. The rest of the world is now fully on board the Pulisic hype train. U-17 national team at the 2015 U17 World Cup in Chile, where he had a goal and an assist in three games. Soccer jerseys represented thanks in large part to the FIFA Women’s World Cup and Concacaf Gold Cup. In 2016 International Champions Cup friendly pre-season tournament. With no major international competitions in Q1, it’s no surprise to see eight of 10 top jerseys be those of club teams. “Chelsea is a club with a lot of history that always wants to compete and win titles,” said Pulisic. A lot of teams no longer have such a role in their formation: a player stationed in the center of the field through which the majority of the offense flows.

The double-edged sword of respect and expectation that comes with the number 10 jersey is reserved for the shoulders of a player that can handle the weight. Set to become Chelsea’s record signing, his value to the club will be worth his weight in gold. And Zinedine Zidane, who will manage Real Madrid in Wednesday’s decisive game. Although the goals have been few this season, the club has had none bigger than Pulisic’s undressing of veteran Real goalkeeper Thibault Courtois in the 14th minute. He has scored too few goals and endured too many injuries. The Chelsea goal, scored brilliantly by Pulisic during a first half that Chelsea dominated, christian pulisic usmnt jersey presents an advantage because “away goal” totals represent the first tie-breaker in a Champions League series. Pulisic and his Chelsea teammates will take their slight advantage over Real Madrid into a home game Wednesday at Stamford Bridge and attempt to traverse the 90 minutes between them and the UEFA Champions League final. “The downside of this decision is that people always will compare you with any No. 10 in the world, and with the No. 10s at a big club like Chelsea. The 2020 list is more diverse, as well, with 10 different teams appearing in the top 10, including eight club teams.

It’s no surprise whatsoever to see two alternate jerseys make the list of highest-selling soccer jerseys in 2020. PSG’s Jordan collaboration spawned a lovely fourth jersey and it’s selling like hotcakes. While not in the top 10, Juventus debuted an alternate jersey with a Palace Skateboards collaboration. His initial season as Chelsea’s No. 10 has not gone precisely as Christian Pulisic planned when he requested the most revered jersey in the sport late last summer. Chelsea has an American named Christian Pulisic. You could see it in the game last night against T&T – by the 25th minute of the first half, the American players were actively seeking out Pulisic. In his first full season with Dortmund, Christian Pulisic exceeded expectations and became a regular pick for Dortmund’s talented lineup. The first leg of their two-match series last week in Madrid finished in a 1-1 draw. And I felt I was ready,” Pulisic told CBS Sports last fall.

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